Ken McCarty


Hi! I’m Ken. I draw things. I’ll draw things for you too…

Originally from Los Angeles and most recently in Seattle, WA, where I enjoyed and became fascinated by all the seasons. Now I am a nomad preferring mobility over structure and exploring the world around me.

I started my illustration career at a young age coloring inside the lines and making little books about Bigfoot. I don’t necessarily color inside the lines any more and still make little books (some about Bigfoot). I learned early on the importance of quality and getting things done on time.

When not drawing or making things you will find me riding my bikes sometimes to far distant of places. I just completed cycling across Canada and down the Atlantic coast to Florida and across Cuba. Next on the list is Mexico.

You can check out my adventures and cycle related stuff at my other site

While on the road I am still accepting projects and commissions. There is nothing better than to use all the inspiration around me and apply it to solving your creative needs. Get in touch with me to say hello or to talk about your awesome project. 

Ken has a very humorous and light touch in the graphics he designs. He is also deeply knowledgeable of the technical dimensions of his work which he can translate easily to clients. It was great working with him to get my portfolio online, and I am very happy with the usability of the results. I recommend him highly.


Ken is a talented graphic designer and illustrator and a really enjoyable colleague. He is able to translate the intent of an assignment into a coherent and compelling final product. And most importantly, he does so quickly and accurately. While working on an important proposal for our firm, Ken used these skills to turn the technical information provided into a very useful infographic. Following our submission, the client called and asked if they could use it as an example of how other firms could communicate their own expertise.


Kenneth is an excellent designer. He listens really well to what the objective of your marketing campaign is and excels in brainstorming. You will get more than you initially asked for. To top it off his turn around time is superb. Can’t recommend him enough.


Ken has been great helping me with my company logo, cards, and marketing materials. He’s fast and responsive and does great work!